Gymnastic Rings

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in trying out gymnastics? Contact our team to talk about attending practice. No experience necessary!

Do you require prior experience?

Absolutely not - the team is for anyone and everyone who is interested. However, practices are minimally structured, so learning is mostly self-taught.

How much does it cost to participate?

Dues to be a member are $100 per semester or $150 for the year if you pay in the Fall (discounts available for drivers). If you want to try it out but are not ready to join as a member, it is $5 per practice. Competition apparrel is provided.

Are there coaches?

There are 2-3 coaches that run warm-ups and stretch and supervise practices. Practices are usually open-gym style, with everyone working on whatever they want. Coaches will spot or help you with a skill if you request their help, but otherwise they just hang out and watch.

When and where do you practice?

We share our practices with the Emory University Gymnastics Club at Intown Stars Decatur. We usually carpool from campus around 7:20 PM and start practice at 8. Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-10 PM. You must sign up for practice each week. Practices for the Spring 2020 semester begin Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

Do I have to compete?

You are encouraged but not required to compete at NAIGC competitions. If you do compete, you can put together a routine, but competitions are not very serious, and we aren't too worried about winning - it's just for fun.

What if I just want to try out one practice?

If you want to try practice, it is $5 per practice until you pay dues. We usually have a free trial period at the beginning of every semester where you can visit for free, so keep an eye out for that announcement if you are interested.

How often do you compete?

We usually participate in 3-4 competitions per season including NAIGC Nationals. We only travel for 2 or 3 meets because we attend the Emory meet which is held at our regular gym.

What is the required time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment. Many of our members are busy and have a tough school workload, so we don't take attendance or expect people to come to every practice.

Do I have to wear a leotard?

Not if you don't want to. During practices you can wear whatever you want. For competitions, most teams wear leotards, but we will not force you to wear one, and some of our members compete in leggings/shorts and a T-shirt. There is a minor deduction for not wearing a leotard, but we don't really care about that as long as people are comfortable.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?

You do not have to purchase any special equipment. If you compete, you may need to buy a T-shirt and a leotard (if you want one), but there is no dress code at practice and no extra equipment needed to do gymnastics. However, if you are interested, you can purchase grips to use on bars.

Is the team co-ed?

Yes, we compete in men's and women's divisions, and the team is coed. You can choose to compete in men's, women's, or both regardless of your gender identity. For example, some of our women compete in men's events for fun.

Do I have to be good to compete?

No. All capabilities are welcome to compete. We only go to meets for fun, so while it's exciting to have members who are former gymnasts and have a lot of skills, we don't expect everyone to be "really good"!

Do you take grad students?


More questions? Send us an email!

Can I join in the middle of the semester/year?

Yes! You can try out the club or become a member at any time during fall or spring semesters. Since we do not practice during the summer, you cannot join during the summer. See our prospective member page for information about joining or trying out the club.

Do you practice during the summer?

We don't currently practice during the summer. Practice starts in the fall semester typically in early September and ends in early May of the spring semestetr.