COVID-19 Safety Precautions

The safety and well-being of each team member are of the utmost importance to us.  We ask that you kindly comply with all of the following guidelines to help keep our club safe and healthy.

  •  Pre-practice/Carpool: 

    • DO NOT come to practice if you are feeling sick (even a slight cough/sore throat)

      • See the list of symptoms for COVID-19 here

    • DO NOT come to practice if you are awaiting COVID test results

    • Temperatures will be taken before carpooling to practice.  

    • Meet at 7:20 pm at the CULC turnaround so that we can take temperatures.  

      • If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees F, you will be turned away.  Have your temperature taken orally (can be with a personal thermometer) and if you do not have a fever, you may return to our next practice.  If you do have a fever, get tested for COVID

    • Carpool: Windows will be down for the entire drive.  Masks are REQUIRED. If you are uncomfortable sharing a car, feel free to drive yourself or Uber (specify on practice sign up form). 

  • ​​During Practice:
    • Wear a mask at all times (except during strenuous activity, then mask may be worn temporarily around your chin)

    • Acceptable masks include cotton masks, surgical masks, and masks with filters.  

      • DO NOT wear a neck gaiter, as they facilitate lingering of exhaled droplets

    • Sanitize hands prior to warm-up

    • Maintain social distancing 

    • Keep water bottle and personal hand sanitizer with you throughout practice

    • Switch events/use the restroom only at rotation times:

      • 8-8:30: Warmup
        8:30-8:50: 1st event
        8:50-9:10: 2nd event
        9:10-9:30: 3rd event
        9:30-9:50: 4th event
        9:50-10 cleaning/stretching in front of gym
        *You can stay 2+ rotations at one event, but MUST stay until rotation time

    • Wipe down mats or trampoline and sanitize hands between each person.  Two people can share a mat if each person has a designated side.

    • You do not have to wipe down the tumble track, bars, beam, or vault table, but sanitize hands between turns.  Rings without chalk may be wiped

    • Sanitize hands between rotations

    • Foam pits are closed, but you may put a mat in pit to land on

    • No communal chalk bucket.  You may purchase a block of chalk from the club’s supply for $2 (Venmo: gtclubgym AND complete payment form)

    • Bathrooms: Cleaner and rag are located to your left on the desk as you’re walking toward the bathroom.  Clean toilet handle, faucet, and door handles after use


    • Compliance with all safety requirements is mandatory in order to practice with us.  If you do not, you will be asked to sit out the remainder of practice and not return.

    • If you develop symptoms at any point during the semester or test positive for COVID, let Caroline Miller know immediately via GroupMe direct message so that we can take proper testing/cleaning measures.  

    • Practicing at Intown Stars Gymnastics this semester is a privilege.  We must keep their gym clean for the safety of our club as well as every coach and child at ISG.